Paris – In and Out of the Mainstream

Paris – In and Out of the Mainstream

My last week in Paris was filled with work on a new illustrated
book proposal (to be revealed soon), working with a
Photoshop tutor, and exploring places both in and out
of central Paris.

Paris’ High Line Came First

Just east of the Bastille Opera House is a set of stairs
leading up to the elevated park, Promenade Plantee.
The Promenade Plantee was the first elevated park
built on a de-commissioned rail viaduct. It was inaugurated
in 1993 and continues to be a valuable green space in Paris.

Before New York City’s High Line was opened in 2010,

Promenade Plantee held the distinction of being the only
elevated park in the world.

Graffiti and mature plantings that have become a bit ungainly reminds you you’re in a very urban setting.  But the promenade is filled with joggers and people picnicking above the busy streets of Paris’ 12th arrondissement.

Canal Saint-Martin

This arty neighborhood is a fun place to explore. Galleries and trendy restaurants surround the canal with it’s beautiful arched bridges. I had a wonderful dinner with friends at l’Atmosphere, a very popular bistro just off the canal.


Sacre Cour is very impressive, commanding the highest
vantage point in Paris, but I like exploring the tiny streets and cafes a short distance away from the busy tourist areas. Get lost walking up and down the quiet hilly streets and you may forget you’re in 21st century Paris.

The Rose Café

The much photographed pink café on Montmarte is as
romantic as every. Seeing it appear after being surrounded

by the stony beige colors of Montmartre never fails to captivate.

There’s a good design lesson in this juxtaposition of color and neutrals.  Beige, stone, and other neutral colors are pleasing to live with,  but add a splash of color and everything comes to life.

I’m back in the USA after a spending 6 fabulous weeks in Paris.  More Paris blogs and my stopover in Lisbon, Portugal to come.