A graphically rich chinoiserie patter, Chinese Pavilion is infused with the charm and wit admirers of Fischer’s work have come to expect. “What is unique about Chuck is that he brings a fanciful feel to a traditional concept,” says Corine Sacco, head of Schumacher’s Wallcoverings Division. The exotic design features a fantastical pavilion in a balmy landscape of palm trees and sailing vessels. Whimsical details appear: figures in Oriental garb, delectable tropical fruit, and filmy theatrical drapery. Not to mention acrobatic monkeys, who perform handsprings dressed in troubadour costumes, their feet shod in ballet slippers. Chinese Pavilion reflects Fischer’s familiarity with the great tradition of European painted decoration. In this case, it is a thorough knowledge of the work of Francois Boucher and Jean-Baptiste Pillement, two of the eighteenth-century French artists who forged the idiom of European chinoiserie. F.Schumacher & Company | Available as wallcovering and fabric

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