A Pop-Up Book Hand Signed by Chuck

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In the breathtaking ANGELS: A Pop-Up Book, Chuck Fischer brings to life the most captivating stories of these celestial beings. Fischer’s original art is inspired by classic images from art history and is crafted into astoundingly intricate pop-ups made in collaboration with master paper engineer Bruce Foster. ANGELS is divided into three sections: Messengers, A Hierarchy of Angels, and Secular Angels.

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More than one hundred original illustrations fill the pages of this book, featuring angels from cultures and traditions around the world dancing to life in three-dimensional tableaux and movable parts. The book is brimming with full-color images and narrative booklets that tell the stories of the most fascinating and well-known angels of ancient and contemporary myths and legends. Angels inspire people year-round, but perhaps most so during the holiday season, when carols and cards highlight the role of these heavenly messengers. Much like Fischer’s previous pop-up books, ANGELS evokes awe and wonder in readers, and makes a perfect gift for all ages and faiths. Paper Engineering by Bruce Foster.

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