In The Begining: The Art of Genesis Hand Signed by Chuck

RARELY HAS THE BOOK OF GENESIS inspired such artistic innovation and creativity as it has in this dynamic and elaborate pop up book. Renowned pop-up book artist Chuck Fischer was inspired to create In the Beginning: THE ART OF GENESIS when he came across a first edition copy of The Golden Children’s Bible, a book with pictures and biblical text.

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After studying the text, Fischer was inspired to illustrate the iconic stories of the first chapter of the Bible, through the magic of pop-up creations, giving three-dimensional height, depth and breadth to these time-honored stories. In the Beginning: THE ART OF GENESIS features Fischer’s original artwork and. Together they have created eye-catching spreads that include a medieval-inspired Garden of Eden, a graphic depiction of Noah’s Ark, and a stunningly tall Tower of Babel standing 24 inches off the page. Each pop-up is enhanced with narrative booklets recounting beloved stories from the book of Genesis, pull-outs with biblical verses, and flaps that re-create famous religious paintings. Paper Engineering by Bruce Foster

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